Meet Tom De Geeter, a multifaceted creative force hailing from the vibrant city of Kortrijk, Belgium. With an impressive 20-year journey in graphic design, illustration, and web design, he seamlessly blend artistic innovation with entrepreneurial spirit. Beyond the digital canvas, Tom De Geeter is also the proud owner of a thriving record shop Crate Records, showcasing his diverse passions.

Early Life

Raised amidst the rich cultural tapestry of Kortrijk, Tom De Geeter developed an early love for both the arts and entrepreneurship. From an early age, he exhibited a knack for creative expression and a keen business acumen that would later define his remarkable career.


Tom earned his stripes in the design world through formal education, graduating with a degree in graphic design from Artevelde Hogeschool in Ghent. This educational foundation laid the groundwork for his journey into the dynamic and ever-evolving realms of design.

Career Overview

Entering the design industry in late 2003,  swiftly made a name for himself with a distinctive approach to visual storytelling. Over the years, he has leveraged his extensive experience to deliver cutting-edge design solutions for a diverse clientele.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

In addition to his design career, Tom wears the hat of a successful entrepreneur. As the owner of a renowned record shop Crate Records in Kortrijk, Tom have curated a space that resonates with music enthusiasts and collectors alike. This venture reflects his commitment to fostering a cultural haven within the community.

Key Skills

  • Graphic Design: Tom possesses an unparalleled ability to translate ideas into visually stunning designs, whether it’s branding, marketing collateral, or digital graphics.
  • Illustration: As a skilled illustrator, he bring narratives to life with a unique blend of creativity and precision, capturing the essence of each project.
  • Web Design: Tom excels in creating user-centric and aesthetically pleasing websites, seamlessly blending form and function for an optimal user experience.
  • Entrepreneurship: His success as a business owner reflects his strategic vision, resilience, and passion for fostering community engagement.